Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy birthday to you!

june 17 was trent's 29th birthday. it was such a fun day and all of trents family were in town. trent went to work for part of the day and i made him this really cool cake. german chocolate was what he picked out. the candles were supposed to be really cool, but i guess if you only spend $1, you shouldn't expect much.
i took trent to tepanyaki for dinner. that is where he took me on one of our first dates and so it's special to us and also super yummy. we shared steak and shrimp and also got a sushi roll, oh so yummy. i also decorated the house and set up his gifts so he would see them when he got home. all along i told him i wasn't going to get him anything.

trent blowing out his candles. he got them all out in one try!

i was threatening glen, telling him if he didn't behave i was going to light him on fire!

trents brothers family-minus blayne (the brother)

trents parents with bella, trents sisters dog.

trent opening the gifts he got. he got a new razor and a nice tool chest. he has so many tools i dont want them scattered all over like they were at our old house. i love you babe!