Monday, November 30, 2009


we had a wonderful thanksgiving this year. for the past three years trent and i have spent thanksgiving just the two of us. it has been really fun, but also sad. it's hard to be away from family during the holidays.

trent did most of the cooking this year. and neither one of us really like turkey so we always opt to cook a ham. this year we didn't really go all out because we end up wasting a TON of food because there is only us two. trent did the ham and the mashed potatoes, which i think were the best i have EVER had. i did the green bean casserole, the rolls and the pie. everything turned out this year which made me super happy.

me wanting to eat the ham soooooo badly, but trent wouldn't let me until all the food was done, i did sneak some, but we won't tell him.

weenie LOVES ham and always tries to climb the walls to get to it. he was over by me doing every trick he knew to try to get some. i can't resist the little guy so i let him have some before we actually ate..

this pie was so yummy and i even made homemade whip cream. i was spoiled growing up and so i don't like the store bought whip cream so i always make my own. trent and i have so much to be grateful for this year, and i don't feel grateful enough most of the time. it's so easy to point out all the tiny bad things that are going on (us not being able to find a house) and forget about the important wonderful things (trent getting the job he wanted). my goal is to be more grateful and appreciative for the wonderful things we do have in our lives. i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. now on the CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!


Timand Alisa said...

It is hard being away from family for the holidays. I think i cried a little bit this year because it was hard. But it looks like you guys made delicious food and spent the time with each other! I think I will also try your goal about being more grateful for things, it is hard sometimes but we can do it! Thanks for the idea!

Bryan + Juli said...

I agree being away from family always stinks... especially at the holidays! Oh and that pie looks to die for! I love real whipped cream!

Sayward said...

If you lived closer I would have helped you eat that pie. Looks yummy!

Lyndsi said...

boy oh boy that ham looked tasty-can Trent teach Matt how to cook????? My mouth is watering with that pie and HOMEMADE whip cream picture and Weenie is hilarious!

Wyoming Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!