Tuesday, April 17, 2012


here we are Easter morning all ready for church.  this time i was prepared and took pictures before church instead of trying to get them after with a tired baby.
my sweet little baby girl striking a pose (she will finally smile at the camera, yay!)
 first find of the hunt!
 she had to run up to us and show us each egg she found, it was so cute!
 she was absolutely giddy about having a full Easter basket.  *notice her shirt? yep it still fit from last year!!
 she didn't want the hunt to end so she started it all over again, except she put them all together and really close to her basket:) not sure why trent is pulling that face
her sweet cheeks filled with candy!

we had a wonderful day with just our little family, it's crazy to think next Easter we will have two kids, ah!  it's wonderful to reflect on the Savior and be reminded about all He has done for us.  I am so blessed!


robandlexie said...

I'm so offended you don't have my blog on your "friends" list!! I thought I meant more to you than that? haha kidding! Mya is so cute in her dress. and her hair...don't get me started. adorable!

Tiffany Radcliffe said...

WAIT what your having another baby!? she is so cute em, im so sad our little girls dont get to play together, i miss you tons i wish so badly you would move back to utah RIGHT NOW!!!

ashley @ little miss momma said...

I just can't believe how old she is getting--and how blonde her hair is! I miss her sweet cheeks! Want to give her a big kiss :)

Willies said...

I had NO idea you were Prego till last night. That is so AWESOME Congrats :)