Monday, August 6, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

We had Martinelli's and the top of our cake(it was actually still really good) and then Trent surprised me and took me to the Praire Schooner. I had never eaten there before and it was so good. We both had steak and potatoes and we both wanted our medium. They came very rare, so we had to send them back. But-they were sooooooooo good. During dinner Trent wanted to hold my hand under the table (it was a little hard for me) Then he started to put a ring on my right hand. I pulled my hand away and he had gotten me this adorable ring from Tiffany and Co. He is so good to me, I love him so much.


The Maw Family said...

OH my spoiled girl. J/k. YOu need to take a picture of you ring so we can see. How fun that you had your cake. I can't remember why we didn't have ours, I don't think anyone saved it for us. We went to Prairie Schooner on Sat for Trents birthday, so good huh. Happy anniversary.

Chelsea said...

Good gravy Em!! How many more diamonds do you need? I really want to see it!

Jesse & Lisa Marcial said...

hey i've eaten there! This place is so good!