Monday, December 10, 2007

eventful weekend including monday

today i had to go on a job site and measure for flooring. needless to say i got stuck in the mud. the house was out in the boondocks and it has been raining since friday. i called my co worker to come get me (he has a truck) but i was so nervous i kept trying to get out and finally i inched my way to get one tire on the gravel and then i was able to get out. at first i was a little scared, but then it sort of became fun. that is the first time i have been "off roading" in the camry.
i guess i need to find a car wash huh.
well i guess my title should say eventful but uneventful sunday. as i wrote earlier, trent and i were supposed to speak in church yesterday. trent is in the middle of finals, so saturday night was the only time he had to write his talk. we were up super late putting on the finishing touches. we don't have church until 1:00 so we slept in a little and then got up made breakfast and while i was getting ready trent added some to his talk. we got ready and out the door we went to church. we got there about 10 mintues early and it seemed like the parking lot was empty. we were excited though because we got a front row spot and it was raining. why it rains in the middle of december in indiana i'll never know. anyway-we walked in and walked up on the stand and sat down, pulled our talks out to go over them. not a soul was in the chapel but us. about 5 til, trent and i were wondering where everyone was and why the bishop wasn't even there. after a few more minutes the stake president came in and said, "you guys aren't waiting to give talks are you?" "yes" we said? "well church has been cancelled, did nobody call you?" (well they did but we had our phones turned off. so we got up walked to the car and came back home. I guess that bishop cancelled church because the rain was "turning to ice". the weather wasn't even bad. i guess you don't know what bad weather is until you have lived in utah or wyoming. so i guess we got out of speaking for now. trent took some pictures of the "ice storm"
the only thing the ice really stuck to was the plants and the cars. other then that it wasn't bad.
i think these pictures are pretty with the ice glazed over the plants.
once again the tradition goes on.....this year for christmas i made a christmas tree. at first i didn't like it but once i got rolling it turned out really good.
here is the final product, pretty cute huh!
while i was making the tree, trent decided that he would make rice crispies and boy did they turn out good. he is quit the little cooker.
here is weenies new sweater. he loves it. i think he figured out that it keeps him warm, so he will actually wear. it is so cute and fits him perfect! it's hard finding clothes for weenie dogs!


The Allred Family said...

What a crazy weekend! Do you get to give your talks another time? When we moved here, they canceled church the very first Sunday we were here because of snow. We had no idea, and drove a half an hour to the church and no one was there. I've never had church canceled in my life until we moved out here! Pretty silly, huh?
I like weenie's sweater, it's super cute!

April said...

I can't believe you guys were waiting and no one was there. At least you are preparred for next time. And I love the cookie tree. So cute.

Greg and Tiffany said...

Well didnt we both have a pretty crazy weekend....i love weenies sweater ellie has a hoodie that she likes too, cute xmas tree, your such a betty crocker em love ya!!!

LAUREN said...

Yikes with the mud and the car! Glad that you made it out ok. So sad and sorry about your "Cancelled" talks. I would've been so mad. I so love your Christmas tree. How do you make it? Weenie's outfit is so cute! I love it!

Milmonster said...

Funny about going to church and no one being there. Trent lucked out. There is a children's book called, "Animals Should Not Wear Clothes." You should check it out. :)

Jesse & Lisa Marcial said...

I love the Christmas tree that is SO cute!
Isn't it funny how people freak out about the weather when its nothing compared to 5 degrees with a winds blowing up to 50-60mph. Now that is crappy weather! I love the sweater for your dog I'd love to find one for mine but they only have small ones at the pet stores.

Summer said...

I agree that you don't know snow until you've lived West. The weather man was talking about the "winter storm warning" here last week and was worried about the possibility of 2-3 foot drifts. I just laughed and laughed. I loved your cookie tree by the way!