Friday, August 22, 2008

we are back

well summer is officially over and we are back in indiana and no surprise it's raining. i don't think a day will go by that it doesn't rain. oh well, only three and a half months and then we are off to somewhere else. (hopefully that doesn't rain everyday) trent starts school on monday and i start my old job. i am excited to go back. if you knew me you knew that i loved my job and was very sad to leave but i knew it was the right decision and thankfully i am able to come back. poor weenie will be all by himself during the days, but over the summer we learned that he does great when we leave him out and not put him in the kennel, so we will see how it goes. trent saw the new apartment for the first time last night and i think he likes it. we have spent most of the day cleaning and now we are about to go shopping for some food and run some other errands. (*matt-you will love this story) well for those who have not been to our house you will not know that our tv is a little messed up. shortly after we moved here the bottom portion of the screen was just a black strip. it wasn't cutting any picture out it just moved it up. we decided we didn't want to buy a new tv because we are moving and thought we could just throw this tv away in dec. well last year went by and it seemed like every once in a while that black strip at the bottom would get a little worse. but it was still watchable (depsite what you think matt) well we got back last night and we decided since we don't have cable yet that we would watch some episodes of the office to brush up before the new season starts, well needless to say the black strip across the bottom is almost half way up the tv and a new strip has started across the top. it doesn't mash it down like you may be thinking, it pulls the screen up, so the bottom part of peoples faces are smashed and then the top part is like a cone head. so i think that we are going to be getting a new tv. so matt, if you have to come out here and recruit again, you will be happy to know that you can watch normal tv. i have a lot of posts to catch up on but that will probably come tomorrow, i am starving and we have NO food so we are off to the grocery store.


Amy said...

I'm glad you guys made it safe! Did weenie do okay on the plane? That is hilarious about your TV, but now you can get a nice new one, huh? Good luck with the new semester! :)