Friday, August 8, 2008

update on my sister

well i don't really know much more but i do know that things are going better and kim will be released from the hospital tonight. we think that the first medication they put her on (which is the shot twice a day in her belly) is working, but she will have to continue those shots until the baby comes. she will just have to be careful as the clots are still there and they could break off and move, but they feel that they are small and probably wouldn't do any harm. they checked her heart a few times to make sure the valves weren't crossing the blood over (not really sure exactly) and things were looking really good there and the baby is doing fine. they also did an mri on her brain and found spots, so they did another test just to make sure those weren't clots and they were just spots from her migraines that she keeps getting, which is probably caused from the clots in her legs. kim just sits bored in her bed. while we were there last night they had to monitor the baby for an hour and so they put the thing on her belly and we immediately heard the babies heart beat as well as his little hiccups, it was so hilarious. so i just wanted to let everyone know that she is doing better and say thank you for all your prayers and concerns.


Greg and Tiffany said...

Thats so good to hear em, that is so scary for you family. I am sure everything will be fine from here on out. love you and talk to you soon

Jesse & Lisa Marcial said...

hows your sister feeling, I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for her. I'll keep her in my prayers

Wyoming Mom said...

Oh thank goodness! We are praying over here! Love you, Em!