Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kai day

i had a play date today with my friend liz's little boy kai.(it sounds like kite without the te) it was just us and we had such a good time. Sometimes i get lonely here by myself all day and i know moms' need a break.

after i took the first picture of him he wanted more and more and then wanted to see them. after a couple hours of being here he sort of crashed and wanted me to lay by him. there was no falling asleep for this kid though, he laid there for a bit and got his second wind. that kid never stops. i told him to look at the tv but he insisted on looking at the camera.

our house isn't really equipped with fun things for 3 year olds to do, so we watched dora, played a little dominos (3 year old style) played with weenie and then kai decided to run to the top of the stairs-telling me they were my special stairs, and then roll down them. weenie followed him every time,it was super cute. right when kai got here weenie wanted him to play so he barked at him and kai burst out in tears. so i asked him if he was hurt and he just said no he scared me, i couldn't help but laugh it was just so cute!

kai in all his glory!


The Little's said...

Oh I love seeing little Alakai! He's the cutest, isn't he? You have GOT to talk Liz into doing a family blog...or at least take LOTS more pictures of my sweet nephew. We miss the little guy! I'm glad you are all so close to have a visit with them...I wish we were there too!

Christin said...

You have no idea how HUGE that is for mom's to take their kids. You are GREAT.