Tuesday, January 25, 2011

7 months

i know i say this every month but you have reached so many milestones. two days before you turned 7 months you left the army crawl behind and started crawling for real. this has turned my world upside down. everywhere i go you can get to me. you love chasing after me and get frustrated if i move before you reach me. i have had to move everything off the floor except your basket of toys. you still can't quit sit by yourself but you also don't care to. it's almost impossible to get you to sit.

you love crawling over to a picture of your mom and dad and you pat daddy's face. you have left the "i only want mommy" phase and now you want daddy too. you get so excited when trent comes home from work. it melts my heart every time we put you in the bath. as i put you in the tub feet first you peer around me to see if daddy's there and when he is you get SO excited. you still love bath time and especially love playing with your toys on your belly. this scares me to death. i get so nervous that you are going to put your face in the water, get scared and then hate bath time.

the day after you turned 7 months you learned to shake your head no. you don't know what it means (thankfully) because right now it's really cute. although when i asked if you wanted yogurt for lunch you shook your head no. you are a great eater. you love any kind of vegetable but you don't like fruit. the only thing i can get you to eat is pears. i am not complaining. you have become my big girl over night. you no longer sit in your carseat at the store. oh you have to be right in the middle of everything and you LOVE sitting in the seat of the cart. you also sit in a high chair at restaurants. right now you will actually stay there IF we keep your mouth stuffed with puffs or bread. you can actually pick up food from the palm of my hand and feed yourself. *tear

you love being outside and whenever we take a walk you don't make a peep but your head moves all over the place trying to see EVERYTHING. you are such a happy baby and i am so grateful for this. i don't know what i would do if you cried all day. you are growing into such a sweet beautiful girl. you babble non stop and can get quite loud.

your sleeping has become somewhat of an issue. you wake up several times a night, cry out just long enough for me to wake up and check on you and then you are back to sleep. you still get up really early to nurse but will usually go back to sleep. sometimes i can just hear you jabbering away in your crib as i'm drifting back to sleep. i still check on you a million times while you are napping or before i go to bed. you are one crazy sleeper. most times i find you on your belly, bum in the air shoved up in the corner of your crib.

mya, your mom and dad love you so much and are so proud of everything that you are accomplishing. i wish you could stay my little baby forever, i know you can't but just remember how much i love you.
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Dan, Lauren, and Sadie said...

This is a great blog. i loved reading everything that little girl does. it reminds me a lot of sadie and all the little phases she would go through. you have a lot to look forward too. it only gets better. well all i can really attest to is up to 15 months. just one last comment... it's quite... not quit. haha - dan