Wednesday, January 19, 2011

first bonk

the other day mya had her first head bonk.  i think i was more upset than she was.  she crawled over to her basket of toys and pulled it over and this toy that is a hard square box fell out and hit her right on the forehead.  you can barely see the mark, but it was there nonetheless.  she cried for like a second and then saw a binky (she never uses them) shoved it in her mouth and sucked it for about 2 minutes and then went on her way. i guess that was enough to comfort her, she didn't even want me to hold her. i was kind of hurt that she wanted the comfort of a binky rather then me, but i quickly got over it.  maybe she'll be a tough little girl, just like her momma was. *i say was because i'm totally a wuss now, haha.


Amy said...

I love that second picture. Her eyes are so beautiful!!

Lyndsi said...

The first of many, I'm sure :-) Those BIG BLUE eyes are A.MAZE.ING!!!

erica said...

Aww so sad huh! At least she's a toughie!