Tuesday, February 28, 2012

surprise visit

trents parents came on Christmas Day. it was the best! present! ever!  we did so much while they were here and by so much i mean ate a lot.  the boys also got some much needed projects done!

we enjoyed lots of playing time with gamka (grandma)
taking out tile to put in the new
taking a break to play with mya
finished product! they put up new tile but also wired for the tv taking the cords through the wall so they aren't seen.  you can see the hole in the bottom on the right where they took the cords and then fished them up behind the tv, pretty cool. we just put the baseboard back on so you can't see the hole.

it was really nice pretty much the entire time trent's parents were here so we took advantage and played outside a lot.
glen wants to be a cowoby!

like i mentioned earlier we went out to eat a lot and lucky for us mya loves to eat so she is super easy to take along.  i think our favorite place this go around was the hula hut.  the food was yummy plus it was right on the lake and they had birds and lots of fish to keep mya entertained.  thanks glen and lavaun for spoiling us again this christmas.