Wednesday, August 15, 2012

utah part 1

 we had such a fun time in utah so there will be two parts because there are so many pictures

one day we packed up a lunch and met trent's brothers family at a splash pad by their house

 she learned quick to sit by either grandma or grandpa because they gave her whatever she wanted

 she was pretty timid at first. love those bum cheeks!

but by the end she was willing to run under the water

 my birthday babes! this was first thing on the morning of their birthday

 their bday happened to fall on fathers day this year so after a nice Sacrament meeting we had family over for some presents and dessert.  Mya didn't waste any time on the cupcakes:)

trying to convince grandpa to give her another cupcake, i'm sure it worked!

 we also hit up the zoo and had such a good time.  but for some reason Mya didn't want to sit in her stroller or walk.  She wanted to be carried.  Oh but not just by anybody, by ME.  So the hot sweaty preggo lady had to carry her sweet baby girl, super fun!

 her favorite part, we spent a good chunk of time watching this animal lick the pole

 they keep water running through this statue so kids can climb on it and not get burnt.  awesome idea!

 waiting for the train ride to start.  she is so excited, that's why her finger is up her nose:)

 our crew!

at one point Trent carried both these girls for awhile, talk about heman!  Anna is so darn cute and seriously could be mine she looks so much like me.

These were just a few of the things we did while in Utah before we sent Trent back to work while we stayed and played some more.  *more pics to come