Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Wee Bit Scared

Well yesterday Trent and I took a bunch of our things that we are not taking to Indiana over to his parents house to store. (they are so great) Anyway-we were pretty much there all day. Weenie had to go to the Vet to get his Rabies shot and we scheduled a time on Monday for him to get neutered. I am scared and feel bad for him but it is good for him. He has to go in at like 8 and we can't go get him until 5. Gosh-you would think Weenie was actually a kid or something, haha. I am sure he will be fine.

Well the real reason I am writing is because Trent and I were outside at his parents house cleaning out our cars and Weenie was out there with us. This tiny little girl decides to take her HUGE (I'm talking almost bigger than me) dog out for a walk. Well that dog saw Weenie and broke loose and came running over. I tried to grab Weenie but he started to run after the giant. I thought for sure that dog would eat Weenie. Trent then ran after Weenie to protect him (what a cute dad huh!) Weenie ran as fast as he could under the truck, but also was so scared the he peed the whole run to the truck. I felt so bad for him. He came running for me and I picked him up and he was shaking and whining. I am just so glad that nothing happened to him. I would have made the neighbors pay for the Vet bill if that dog had gotten to him.

MORAL OF THE STORY-don't let tiny kids walk huge dogs. Nothing good ever comes of it.


The Maw Family said...

Poor little doggy. That is so sad that he was that scared. Remember when the same thing happened to Hudson at Kristen's house because of their dog? Man those big dogs can be mean. I am glad he is alright.