Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well this has been quite the week. Monday I took Weenie into the Vet to get neutered. I felt terrible all day. He was whining when the lady took him from me. Then when I went to pick him up all he did was whine and just want me to hold him. Tuesday-just took care of weenie all day. Wednesday-the lady who put in an offer on our house came over and I was home but she let herself in (kind of scary)-she is a realtor. So when she left she took the key and left the lock box open. Well our realtor Cathy called her and she told Cathy she gave the key to me. NEVER HAPPENED. I only have one key so I have to go make another one. Then today-oh today-I watched an episode of Friends this morning and then came down to let Weenie out and eat some breakfast. I got a call from the Apartment Complex where we will be living in Indiana. She said Emily, I just wanted to ask you some questions. I said ok go ahead. She said have you ever been arrested, I was like um... nope never. She then proceeded to ask if I was ever convicted of anything. I was like um....nope never. Getting a little nervous she then told me that on my background check I was convicted for a first degree felony and a second degree felony both for charges of possession of narcotics. I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I told the lady I have never even seen drugs before in my life, let alone purchased any. I asked her if she used the right ssn and she had. Also Trent has a DUI on his background check. The lady told me that if we can't get this straightened out then we can't live there because I am a "felon". Well we move out there a week from today, so you can assume I am FREAKING out. Trent and I are going to the Criminal Identity place in Salt Lake to figure things out. I will update everyone on how that goes. I am so scared.


The Maw Family said...

oh my, what a day. And what they heck? Dui and felonies? I can't believe it Emily. Do you think its ID theft? I am so sorry, hopefully you get it worked out. Crazy
Oh and hope winnie is doing better.