Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Nothing too exciting has been going on around here. Trent is right in the middle of midterms and is studying like crazy and I am super busy at work. I love my job and love all my new responsibilities. My favorite part is that I get to drive the forklift. I get a lot of great reactions from the truck drivers. For instance: Today one of our flooring companies came about 11 and the guy walked in and so I grabbed my coat and started to walk back to the warehouse. He said is there anybody here to help me? I said, yep me! He started to laugh and I said honestly I am the only one here (I work alone on Tuedays until 1:30) He then said, so you are going to have to help me get the stuff off the truck and I said NO PROBLEM. He gave me the packing sheet and I saw that we had two roles of vinyl and two skids of tile. The pole was already on the lift so I told him I would unload the vinyl first. He said, by yourself? I said yep and jumped on the forklift and he busted up laughing and said yeah right you don't know how to run that thing, I don't even know how. Well I do and I unloaded everything without his help. I even changed from the pole to the forks(so heavy) to get the skids off. He was in shock the whole time. At the end he said miss Emily, I am sorry for laughing at you and you are awesome. I thought that was hilarious. I love when people say I can't do something and then I show em' up.
Anyway-on to awesome news. Trent bought us tickets to go see 311 this March. They are coming to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It's only about an hour and a half from here and we all know that Trent loves 311 and so the drive was not too long for him. I have to say that I am pretty excited myself. The above picture is one of my favorite parts of their concert. They all play a drum to this awesome beat and SA(second from the left) plays like a robot, it's just hilarious. So entertaining. For anyone who has ever been you know what I'm talking about.
Trent likes P-Nut the bass player. huh, I wonder why?
This is SA, he is like the backup singer I guess. He NEVER stops moving. Not even half way through the show he is dripping with sweat. I just love him!


April said...

Sounds like fun. I saw that 311 was here a few weeks ago and I was curious if you guys would come back to see them, but you didn't have to, they are coming to you.

The Little's said...

Way to run a fork lift! You're my hero!

Milmonster said...

That's funny about the fork lift. I drove one once and stabed a whole in what I was suppose to be lifting.

Sarah said...

I can totally see you driving a forklift! However, if you drive it at all like you used to drive my car, I think I should be scared. HA! Just kidding--you rock!