Wednesday, March 26, 2008

311 in Fort Wayne, IN

Emily and I went to see 311 in Fort Wayne last saturday and it was (of course) so freaking awesome! It was at a club which was pretty cool because small venues are nice for a change. We had to leave Weiner home alone all night, but it was definitely worth it. Shout out to my dogg, Weiner! Thanks buddy!! It was Em's 3rd 311 show and my 14th. During the show we were behind this other married couple that were about our age and they were funny because the girl was pretty drunk and her husband kept dancing in circles and singing to everyone around him; right on brother! Anyway, I wish you could have been there, whoever you are.
Also, Emily kept waiting for them to play beautiful disaster because that's her favorite song of theirs, and of course they didn't play it until the last song of the encore. She was however very excited when they finally did. Also again, the drum solo/ensemble part included various different drums and everyone had a cowbell which was sweet because you can always use more cowbell. Laters.


The Little's said...

I got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell. Happy 311 concert!

April said...

I love that Bob blogs on here too. Wow Bob you are officially obsessed with 311, 14 times, crazy.