Monday, March 17, 2008

Officer, what's the problem?

Well I thought I would share this funny story about Trent. Well last week was his spring break and we didn't go anywhere since I am taking 3 weeks of this summer to go to Utah and England. Trent had just returned home from taking our pay stubs to our new apartment complex (story to come after this one) he let the dog out and sat down on the couch and was watching CSPAN and he gets a knock on the door. Well nobody really comes over unless it's our neighbors. Trent looked out the peep hole and didn't see anybody (our neighbors usually hide). So he opened the door and in walks a policeman. P-will be for policeman and T-will be for Trent.
P-How long have you been home?
T-about 20 minutes why?
P-someone stole gas from the Village Pantry and they gave me your description, car and license plate number. (village pantry is just a name for a gas station)
T-what was that description?
P-white male in his 20's silver Hyundai
T-well i just got home from taking my pay stubs to my new apartment, my wife and I are moving in a few months
P-well whoever stole gas took off through the grass and your tires are muddy (it's been raining so everything is wet and muddy
T-well my wife and I switched cars yesterday so I could rotate her tires and she got stuck in the mud when she went on a measure job (I know I have issues with mud)
P-Yeah, that's a likely story (but so true)
T-Well isn't there a video you can watch and you will see that I was not there. I never go to that gas station because you can't pay at the pump, I do however, drive by there on my way home everyday.
P-Yeah we are calling the manager to let us watch the tape.
T-Well you'll see that I am not there so I don't have to worry about this right?
P-I don't have enough to arrest you right now, but if you even pull into the gas station we will be back, and he left.

I felt so bad for Trent because he has just filled up his tank for me to take to work so he couldn't prove his innocence that way, the mud was a horrible coincidence. I will try to be better about the mud. He has no way to prove he didn't do it and the police could have arrested him (which would have kind of been funny) But they never came back and we never heard if they actually caught the guy. Who knows why someone gave his description car and license plate number, just crazy.

Well to make a long story short, Trent went in this week to talk to our apartment about our lease, it's up in June and we would only need to sign another 6 month lease. They told us when we moved in that they would just extend our lease until we move. Well that was not the case, the lady was like "I guess I misunderstood you." And the best they would do is another 10 month lease, which would mean that we would be paying for a place to live for 4 months when we weren't even in the state. SO STUPID. AND, another thing is, we have to be out of our apartment the day after we get back from England, so i would've had to move in one day and by myself. So I searched for a couple days and finally found a place that would rent to us for 6 months and actually is going to let us move in before we leave for England. It is just so upsetting that they lied to us and now we have to move after 10 months to move again in 6. How ridiculous. But the place we are moving to is exactly 3 minutes from my work and tons closer to campus, so it has worked out nicely. Well sorry this was long and probably really boring so I will end it with a funny picture of Weenie!

Bone a little too big?


The Little's said...

Aren't apartment leases annoying?? Also...sorry to your hubby about the cops. That would have been really funny if he did get arrested, though!

April said...

Oh Em and Bob I am so sorry. That story is so scary but kind of funny. Poor Bob, what a jerk of a police officer I guess he was just doing his job. Crazy about all the coincidences.
And sorry about the apartment, hopefully the next one will be better.