Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!! and day after....

whenever we give weenie a bone he doesn't let it out of his sight, no i take that back, he doesn't even let it out of his mouth. this dog goes crazy when you try to take his bone away. i tried to take it away (for just a second) so i could put his little halloween shirt on and he wasn't having it, so we didn't dress up at all. we were party poopers.

the last few weeks have been very busy for us. i went to wyoming for a couple weeks and trent has been gone A LOT for interviews so we didn't have any time to make my haunted gingerbread house or carve the pumpkin until thursday and we had a dilemma because the office was going to be coming on and we hadn't started either one, so we opted to hurry and do the haunted house and then friday we carved our pumpkin. i know we are lame. the haunted house didn't turn out as well as i had wanted it to, but i guess that's what i get for rushing. you can sort of see it, i am too ashamed to take a real picture of it, so this is all ya get.

we decided to carve our pumpkin in honor of weenie. i found this pattern online and printed it out. it was actually pretty hard to do and i ended up cutting the bat off by accident so trent came to the rescue and toothpicked it on. isn't it cute!

the next morning i didn't have to work and so trent decided to make me breakfast since i had only seen him 2 days out of 14 and while he made waffles, bacon and eggs, i made hot chocolate (thanks to my trusty cocomotion!) once breakfast was ready trent and i sat down on the couch and after my food was gone i took a sip of my hot chocolate and set it down and next thing i know.......yep weenie had his stinkin little nose in my mug licking my almost full cup of hot chocolate til it was gone.

once breakfast was over trent went to school and i began to clean our house. weenie kept sitting at the door begging for me to take him out so he could play, it was like 70 degrees. i told him no i had a lot of work to do (and yes i think he can understand me!)and after making the bed i came out and he was eating the bat. who knew that a dog would like pumpkin.

but he does like pumpkin, he decided to continue to eat my pumpkin after he got in trouble for eating the bat, boy i tell you what, if my kids are going to be anything like weenie i am in for it.


Timand Alisa said...

Your dog is hilarious!!! Cute pumpkin, and don't worry about your haunted house gingerbread, mine didn't turn out very well either!

Amy said...

What a silly dog! I can't believe he ate your pumpkin. It looked really cool though, and from what I could see of the haunted house that looked really good also. If I tried to make one it wouldn't look half as good as yours!

Saydi said...

Your dog is so funny! don't worry, we didn't carve pumpkins till Wen. night so we were just as lame!!!
We need to chat soon.What are you doing today after work? I haven't heard your sweet laughter in awhile

erica said...

hahah sick i can't believe he ate it!