Monday, February 23, 2009

Bar J Wranglers

trents parents bought us tickets to go see Bar J Wranglers with them. it's a group from jackson hole, wyoming who sing and play instruments. not only are they incredible musicians they are hilarious. we were all laughing so hard that at one point trents moms gum came flying out of her mouth. i would totally go again and actually am thinking about adding it to our adventures for the stock reunion. it was a fun night. thanks glen and lavaun for the valentines gift!


Wyoming Mom said...

Sounds like fun!!

Summer said...

That makes me miss Wyoming...for a half second, then I remembered the wind. (:

Wendy said...

Hot dog - you gotta love the Bar J Wranglers! I think they are my dad's favorite musicians in the world.
So how the heck have you been? I hope you guys are doing well and that you have decided on someplace to live soon? Keep us updated! We miss you, and strangely I have had about ten people in the last couple of weeks ask what happened to you guys.