Monday, December 12, 2011

Sea World

 we finally took our first family trip and headed down to san antonio to the zoo and then we spent two days at sea world! it was a great vacation and i can't wait to go again.
 mya had a rough drive down and got so worked up she threw up so she didn't care too much for the zoo, until we found the elephants.  she has taken a liking to these beasts and we spend quit a bit of time at their enclosure. i'm not sure if the zoo was in between animals but they didn't have any bears or monkeys or tigers or any of the awesome animals you expect to see.  they did have lots of birds
 i have never been to sea world and since mya is a lover of animals we thought it would be the perfect thing to do.  we waited until it cooled down so we didn't over heat (we went the weekend before Halloween) thanks sea world for not letting the creepy ghost and goblins come out until night when we were long gone:)
 looking at the dolphins, i have never been that close and boy are they pretty.  i could've watched them all day but we had to stick to our schedule.
 we had a coupon that was adults at kid prices and the second day was free, so we got there right when it opened and stayed until afternoon then took mya back to the hotel for a nap.  it was perfect!  she loved the penguins and we had to go through the exhibit over and over until we just made her leave
 it was really neat, you could either stand at the back or come to the front on a little moving sidewalk, like at the airport, we spent a lot of time on that thing
 mya is obsessed with my phone and knows how to navigate it better than i do, i have downloaded apps of animals and the primary songs and she will watch and listen over and over
 before the trip i was cleaning out her closet and ran across this newborn ducky towel and she wanted to bring it!
 waiving to herself in the mirror or probably waiving to the ducky in the mirror
 we thought her favorite part was the penguins but we were oh so wrong.  to say she loved the seals would be an understatement.  we spent majority of our time here and actually had to go back multiple times.
 you could feed them at certain times of the day and we just so happen to be there during one of those times so i thought ok i'll buy one $5 tray, mya loved it so much we probably spent $50 on nasty fish, but it was worth it to see her so happy
 there were 3 shows that i really wanted to go to but didn't know how mya would do.  well she was in awe and sat through all the shows watching so intently.  her faavorite was the seal show, surprise surprise:)
thank you trent for planning this trip and helping make some wonderful memories.  i think next year we will get a season pass!


MaKell Bulloch said...

What a fun vacation!! Mya is such a cute girl! She is growing up so fast!!