Tuesday, January 10, 2012

halloween....i know i know

 halloween this year was so fun.  mya really liked her witch costume and loved wearing her tutu but not her hat. we did so many fun things this year and on the last party (ward truck or treat) Mya learned to say trick or treat.  it was so cute but she would say it in between cars so no one got to hear it but me:)
 our neighbor's kids had a little party on the night of halloween and wanted us to come so of course we did! we couldn't keep mya away from frankenstein, she kept saying bye bye tein it was so cute!
ever since our neighbor got this basketball hoop its the first thing mya runs to when we go outside.  for awhile she would stand just like the picture but now she crawls under it.  it's good entertainment for her i guess:)
our cute neighbor.  mya loves her and says her name over and over through the day.  now that she's older she will go to the front door and say her name and point and i have to remind her that she is in school. she is the best helper and i'm so glad she is our neighbor.  she comes over often and is always willing to help with anything especially mya, next summer she will be able to babysit, I can't wait!
 daddy is certainly under her spell (it's what her shirt says) he will do anything for her:)
i forgot to tell her what her broom was really for, she loved to sweep the sidewalk
love this close up pic of my witch and i also love that it's nice enough outside here in texas to actually wear costumes and enjoy trick or treating.  growing up i can remember no one ever knowing what anyone was because we all had our snow gear on and instead of parents proudly walking behind their children from house to house, they drove from house to house and us kids would jump in the car every so often to warm up.  thumbs up for texas!
at first i thought she was just fishing around in the bowl (i was busy chatting it up) but then she has chocolate all over her face.  she had actually taken a kit kat and bit through the wrapper:)
 this clown nose came in a bag from the park trick or treat and she loves playing with it.  she thinks she's hilarious with this nose on.