Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Trent's mom brought us this pumpkin and Mya wanted to keep it in the playroom instead of putting it outside.  And well, what Mya wants Mya gets!

 Trent's good friend Kyle drew a picture of Trent on Halloween when he was 16.  The picture is Trent on a bike pulling a wagon behind him with two pumpkins in it.  I finally got it hung upstairs and so we wanted a picture of our two little pumpkins to go on either side.  Once I get it all hung I'll post a picture!
 Our sweet neighbor Emma was at a party across the street and as soon as Mya came out she raced over:) Mya loves her.  I think it's so cute how they are engrossed in conversation.
 no Halloween would be complete without a picture with the neighbors Frankenstein.  Mya has loved this thing for 3 Halloweens now.
 Our very own Minnie Mouse

 our first house of course was the neighbors:)  Don't let Mya fool you she had a blast and of course Brian kept telling her to take more candy!
 Maci was so good and slept the entire time.  My mom pushed her while Trent and I tried to keep up with Mya as she was running from house to house:) Only in Texas with 85 degree weather would I take my 2 week old out trick or treating:)

Family picture with Frankenstein, until next year stein!


Julie Allen said...

Mya looks so adorable!!!

Heather said...

Mya is such a cute Minnie! And you look great Emily!