Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 my sweet maci

 first time in the carseat
 car ride home from the hospital
 gma scooped her right up and wouldn't let go!
 us girls!

 we have a camera in her room and i found her sleeping like this!
 i had a grab bag for mya filled with fun things for her to do each day for about a week, she LOVED the play dough:)
 she wanted to be just like gma so she got her own makeup bag!

 sunbathing beauty
 we did a lot of hanging out on the couch
 our sweet neighbor gave us this balloon, mya wont let me throw it away even though its flat.
october was a great/hard month.  having a new baby is great but adjusting to a new baby is hard.  thanks to grandma we survived and mya was spoiled rotten and adjusted to maci really well.  she loves her and always wants to be in her face.  she mimics whatever i'm doing and takes such good care of her dolls:)